The minimum extrusion temperature is 150°C on the Volumic, this is adjustable with the M302 instruction: – M302 alone allows extrusions of any temperature – M302 Sx allows extrusions with [...]
To print in multi resolution: to edit your printing process, go to the “Advanced” tab and check “stop printing at height”. Then enter the height for this process with the [...]
You can change the flow in real time on the machine during printing via the “flow” button on the front. But it is better to change the feed on your [...]
There is no need for a complete recalibration if the parallelism is good. All you have to do is adjust the adjustment wheel on the left, which after calibration becomes [...]
Regarding the start-up purge, if this does not suit you, it is advisable to switch to the contour mode. In the Simplify3D process, comment out the startup purge as follows: [...]
The dimensionality setting on the ULTRA is set by default to give the advantage to small parts. If this is a problem on large parts, the number of steps per [...]

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