In general, if the ribs are not good, it is due to the shrinkage of the material in many cases. You can initially increase the material flow to compensate for [...]
If you have systematic shifts on your prints, it probably means that the belt tension is too high.In fact, a belt that is too tight, especially on the Y axis, [...]
Progressive shifts may occur during a print run if the pulleys are not sufficiently stressed with the motor shaft. To properly tighten the pulleys, you simply need to stress the [...]
If you have delamination or brittleness between layers on PLA, try raising the temperature a little more. This is quite typical of a too low printing temperature. However, a steel [...]
You can check the pitch setting (dimensionality) for the extruder by following the procedure below. First you have to switch the machine to expert mode. As you insert (or remove) [...]
The X arrow is a phenomenon that distorts the flatness of the board. The X axis is not an element that will influence the X arrow.After removing the glass-ceramic or [...]
If the material sticks too much to the bed, the easiest solution is to raise your zero point a little with the adjustment wheel. Turning 1/5th of an hour should [...]
This kind of problem comes from the head most of the time. It is also possible that this phenomenon is caused by a faulty or worn nozzle/thermal barrier couple, or [...]
On MK2 models, the platter can indeed resonate with the chassis depending on the speed used. This does not affect the machine or the printing.You can reduce the noise by [...]
We advise you to put the external filling in “rectilinear” and not in “concentric”. Then, increase the material flow (process-Extruder->extrusion multiplier). If you still have visible channels between the deposited [...]
If spots appear, there may be several reasons for this. In any case, some excess material ends up on the layer and is then “rubbed off” with each pass of [...]

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