Did you change the thermal barrier with the nozzle? We advise to change both, the thermal barrier and the nozzle, to avoid missed prints.On the other hand, is the reassembly [...]
This is not mandatory, but strongly recommended to avoid redundant errors.If you have poor print quality or blocking/blocking, the problem may be in the nozzle. However, the problem can also [...]
The most sensitive parts are the nozzle and the thermal barrier. To avoid redundant defects, consider changing these parts together.You can see the statistics in the menu->statistics.We advise you to [...]
It depends a lot on what you print.Example: a material loaded with glass fiber will wear out the nozzle faster than a material loaded with carbon fiber.For PLA/PETG/ABS material, a [...]
The print head is a consumable subject to severe thermal and physical stresses, and this continuously during printing. These components, especially the nozzle and thermal barrier, can wear out very [...]

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