A little history and a lot of 3d the logo of the city of nimes 3d printed

Inauguration of the new tourist office of Nîmes in great pomp on April 8!

Congratulations to the Tourist Office of Nimes and to theFERME 3Dfor the realization of the 1 meter long crocodile, emblem and logo of the city, printed on one of our printers VOLUMIC Stream ULTRA
made ofrecyclable PETG material from COREXTRUSION, then primed and painted with a beautiful red body paint.

An innovative 3D manufacturing process,
for an equally impressive logo created by Mr. Philippe STARCK

The 3D Farm has developed the 3D additive manufacturing and post processing process,

To know the history of the logo, after the campaign of Egypt, some of the soldiers of Augustus settled in Nimes. Their victory was symbolized by a crocodile chained to a palm tree, a representation taken up again then on coins struck in Nimes and became much later (under François 1st) the weapons then the emblem of the city.

The association palm tree / crocodile is reinterpreted by Philippe Starck. Present everywhere in the city, the illustration of ancient origin does not fail to pique the curiosity of visitors …

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