50 pieces 3d in rafale

Our customers have talent, discover the superb work of the company A-S-A based in the Paris region which develops RC models with an exceptional look and performance, with nearly 50 custom 3D printed parts in their workshops, on one of ourStream 30 MK2 models

Beast Specifications:

+7G -3G
– Its speed is about 280 Km/h
– Length 2.55 m, Span 1.81 m
– Reactor: thrust 16 kg at 125 000 rpm
3 liter kerosene tank,
– Air brakes

For the drawing 250 hours approximately, and 1200 hours for the model
All printed parts are made of PETG and PETG Carbon
For all modelers, access to 3D printing is a kind of Holy Grail that allows a considerable saving of time on the realization of parts (in masked time) with a high quality finish. For several months now, new materials have been available such as PETG CARBON or ABS KEVLAR which, in certain cases, make it possible to replace AU4G parts at an extremely low cost.

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