3d printing is a revolution and it’s m jerome bonaldi who speaks to you about it

Additive manufacturing is a revolution, and when legends of the small screen tell you about it, it becomes even more exciting, especially on our latest model of French-made 3D printer theVOLUMIC STREAM ULTRA

Printing with the largest possible choice of materials (more than 50), in unprecedented degrees of precision and finishing (6 Microns) and shortened times (X2 to X3), such are the performances that our machines offer today to the greatest number.

Copper (PLA Base) / Bronze (PLA Base) / Wood (PLA Base) / Carbon (PETG Base) / Flexible Materials (TPU/TPE) / Pekk Carbon Kimya / Fiberglass (Nylon Base) / BiodegradablePLA / Medical (ISO 10993-1)
Liste complète ici

From prototyping to mock-ups, from tooling to replacement parts, from one-off parts to small series production, 3D printing is making its mark in the largest groups as well as in professionals who use it on a daily basis.

Thanks again to the Science & Vie TVteam, which can be found in the CANAL+ offers, and to Jérôme Bonaldi for having selected us to illustrate the latest advances in 3D printing.

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