3d printing at the service of architecture

Beyond rapid prototyping and tooling,3D printing provides effective solutions for modelers and architects to model and visualize their designs.

The company Nomade Factory, located in Marseille and equipped with a Volumic 3D printer, models and prints for its customers urban planning and architectural projects.

The Domus Futura architecture student competition organized by the city of Fréjus allowed the discovery of talents in terms of adapting architecture to 3D printing.

These models were printed at 1/150 scale with 3 winners obtained for these works:




A feasibility study for a 200-home subdivision was also modeled for the occasion, the model was printed at 1/500.

Design by Jean Fabrice Gallo architect.

To go further the company Nomade Factory made a test of printing the relief of a valley in the Alpes de Hautes Provence, the reproduction is at the scale 1/6500.

For this type of work, a few hours are enough to obtain the first conclusive visual results. It is a complete and complex model that is made, some of these elements or only a master part of a large whole can come to life on the 3D printing plate.

This tool is becoming essential for modelers to quickly visualize the elements they need to create or complete a model.

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Fri 12 November 2021

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